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Alisha R. Bloom to co-present “Negotiating Software Licenses” at the BBA

On June 13, 2018, technology lawyer Alisha R. Bloom will co-present a workshop at the Boston Bar Association titled “Negotiating Software Licenses.” The workshop is co-sponsored by the BBA’s Intellectual Property Law Section and Internet & Technology Law Committee.

Hear from two seasoned negotiators who will share their tips and pitfalls for negotiating software licenses. This session will cover key provisions in license agreements, “industry standard” terms, partnering with tech and business colleagues, and drafting customer-friendly forms. If you deal with technology contracts, but not every day, this session is for you.

More information about the workshop is available on the BBA’s website.


What do romance writers/readers think of Negotiating Your Way to an HEA?

After attending my presentation, “Negotiate Your Way to an HEA” at NECRWA’s March 2018 meeting, author and blogger Jackie Horne asked her blog’s visitors, “What type of HEA do you prefer: Accommodation or Collaboration?” I had suggested during my presentation that romance heroes and heroines often seem to move along a character arc from more competitive, self-oriented negotiation styles to more collaborative, balanced negotiation styles that valued meeting both one’s own needs as well as the needs of one’s romantic partner. Jackie pointed out at the meeting, and again in her blog post, that recent romances were more likely to have collaboration as the end goal, while “Old Skool romances generally held up the ‘accommodation’ style as the heart of a true HEA. Older romances, which value the ‘taming’ of the alpha hero, a taming that causes him to not only admit his feelings of love for the heroine, but also to recognize the value of emotional work typically carried out by the female half of the population, require their heroes not to compromise or to collaborate, but instead to ‘accommodate’: to give up their own needs or desires (because they are misguided and harmful) and to replace those needs and desires with those of their heroines.”

I thought this was a fascinating observation, and it led to a very lively discussion at the end of the presentation. I look forward to presenting this workshop again next week at NECRWA’s annual conference in front of a different audience and seeing where our discussion leads.

Alisha R. Bloom to present “Negotiate Your Way to an HEA” at NECRWA

On Sunday, March 18, 2018, attorney and author Alisha R. Bloom, Esq. presented a well-received workshop titled “Negotiate Your Way to an HEA: Using Negotiation Archetypes to Intensify Your Novel’s Conflict” at the March chapter meeting of the New England Chapter of the Romance Writers of America.

The session uses basic negotiation theory and dispute resolution principles to create a framework for intensifying your novel’s conflict. Alisha starts off with an explanation of the six archetypal approaches to negotiation. Then the discussion shifts focus to the characters and situations where each of these approaches can be most effectively and realistically deployed. Last, specific examples from popular fiction illustrate how certain negotiating styles and combinations can prolong and heighten conflicts between your characters, while others can help bring about a satisfying resolution.

Alisha will reprise this workshop at NECRWA’s annual conference on Friday, April 27, 2018. The conference will be held in Burlington, Massachusetts at the Boston Marriott (Burlington) hotel. Find out more or register for the 2018 NECRWA conference on NECRWA’s website.

Alisha R. Bloom to co-present “Integration and Spin-Off of Health Divisions” at the BBA

On October 20, 2017, healthcare IT lawyer Alisha R. Bloom will co-present a workshop at the Boston Bar Association titled “Integration and Spin-Off of Health Divisions – Legal Considerations for Operational M&A Solutions.” The workshop is co-sponsored by the BBA’s Health Law Section, Business Transactions Section, and Mergers and Acquisitions Committee.

Integrating and spinning off operating divisions through M&A presents a whole host of practical and operational challenges. The challenges are further complicated in the healthcare industry. For example, HIPAA and state laws governing privacy and security will need to be taken into consideration throughout the diligence, acquisition, and transition process; and can further complicate the extraction and sale of an integrated division. The speakers will discuss real world challenges they faced as both in-house and outside transaction counsel, and provide practical tips for addressing operational issues in healthcare M&A.

More information about the workshop is available on the BBA’s website.